Getting a Bargain


You are able to frequently find different deals on new cars at different dealerships. That’s one thing that many people don’t realize. Unlike shopping at a chain store, where one product is the same price no matter which of your stores you happen to be in, dealerships are in fact independently owned franchises, and they can set their own prices on vehicles. So, the price that you’re quoted for the same car might vary depending on whether you are visiting an Ontario Ford dealership or visiting Fairview Ford or their site,

Each dealership moves inventory at its very own pace, so many of them will frequently have sales as a way to move new car inventory off the lot. You’ve probably seen local TV commercials or heard radio ads offering no money down or free financing on new cars at specific dealerships. These are generally common bargains that are offered, but you never know what your dealership has going on without asking. Many dealerships even price down new vehicles that are still sitting on the lot through the previous year; this is sometimes called a clearance event, when they need to remove the lot for newer inventory and will sell brand new, yr old cars to get a bargain price.


Another procedure for finding a deal on the dealership’s car lot is making an offer. Though haggling along with your salesperson may seem like something that’s more appropriate with a flea market, many car experts will show you that setting up a lower offer is acceptable even at a large, affiliated car dealership. The greater expensive the automobile, the more wiggle room there exists for adjusting the price, and when you go with cash in hand or can write a check for the total amount, or at least a large amount of it, you’re more likely to have a bargain.